Our Services

For quality detailing services for big rigs, buses, boats, RVs, and even oil field equipment, turn to The Truckspa 2004 Ltd. Our company serves clients in Calgary, AB and surrounding areas. We are known in the industry for aluminum and stainless steel polishing. Our services include:


We offer customized services to fit the needs of your vehicle. Through proper detailing, we can maintain and enhance the condition of your truck, RV, boat, as well as rig.

Wheel Polish and Shine

We remove each drive wheel for a better quality polish and re-torque it as necessary. With our multi stage process wheel polishing also removes surface imperfections, pits and oxidation.

Tank Polishing

Our tank polishing results in a deep, long lasting shine, while also removing most of the surface damage caused by rocks, salt and tar.

Stainless Steel polishing

Damage free polishing of stainless steel is available for a low cost. We have many specialized tools for this process ensuring a mirror finish.

Paint Polishing

Make your vehicle look good as new through paint polishing. It removes fine scratches and smoothens the paint surface.

Overspray Removal

We have the skills and tools needed to handle any overspray. Let our professional team do the job for you to ensure quality results.

Decal Removal

Our detailing experts are knowledgeable about proper removal techniques for 'graphics and decals. We can peel them off without damaging your vehicle's surface.

What Sets Us Apart 

Our business has a competitive edge in the industry because we have a location with proper equipment. With over 4000 square feet of shop, we have room for most anything which requires re-conditioning.

We take pride in the level of quality we offer, and we let our work speak for itself. Our company is licensed and insured for your peace of mind.