Tractor-Trailer Detailing Services in Calgary

Whether you’re the owner of your own tractor-trailer, or you own a fleet of tractor-trailers for your business, you know that tractor-trailers get a lot of debris, mud and dirt as they perform their various duties. Shine up your tractor-trailer for another day on the road with The Truck Spa’s tractor-trailer detailing in Calgary.

What We Offer

We know that tractor-trailers require a lot of maintenance and care to perform at and look their very best. That’s why we offer a variety of tractor-trailer detailing services. We can provide:

  • Exterior cleaning: Wash off the dust and debris of the open road with our exterior cleaning services. This includes every part of the tractor-trailer from the roof to the wheels. If you want your tractor-trailer to truly shine, you can opt for a wax or paint polish.
  • Interior cleaning: Has your tractor-trailer just returned from a long trip? A good interior cleaning can help the inside look like new again. We can deep clean everything from your dashboard to your seats.
  • Engine cleaning: Long hours on the road can make your engine grimy and gross. Help your engine look like new and perform better as a result of our engine cleaning services.

If you want us to focus on anything specific, like your headlights, just let us know. We offer different package levels for your budget and detailing needs.

Who We Are

The Truck Spa is your place for quality, thorough tractor-trailer detailing services. Started in 2003, we aim to provide these services at affordable rates and quick times. We have years of experiencing in the tractor-trailer detailing industry and always do our best to focus on your needs and wants for your tractor-trailer.

Call us today at (403) 236-2976 to learn more or visit us in Calgary. We look forward to making your tractor-trailer look brand new.